Teacher Videos

 Master Chen Shaolin Fighting Performance   Shaolin Hard Qigong - Lay on Broadswords and Nails    Double Broadswords Fighting Spear Set
 Master Qin Double Broadswords Performance    Master Chen, Chen Style Tai Chi    Master Qin Double Chain whip

 Shaolin Hard Qigong - Double Spear Breaking on Neck and Sledge Hammer Break Slab on Back    Shaolin Hard Qigong - Break Staff on Lower Body 
 Master Chen Drunken Straight Sword    Shaolin Hard Qigong - Break 7 Bricks on Head
 Master Chen 3 Section Staff     Master Chen Ba Ji Quan
伊 州 少 林 功 夫
 Drunken Straight Sword    Bull Whip    Monkey Style
 Hands Fighting    Throw Needle Through Glass    Staff and Hands Fighting
 Drunken Style    Shaolin Hard Qigong - Break Steel Slab on Head    Drunken Style